Wellness Tours in Nepal

If you are looking for a destination to get rid of the stress of everyday life, Nepal definitely has something to offer you. A wellness vacation in Nepal allows you to combine travelling to one of the most beautiful countries in the world with a healthy, wellness and stress-free lifestyle that would develop as a habit for you to take back home. We have different packages that will help you tone your physical and psychological health and at the same time enable you to enjoy in comfortable wellness hotels and spas and explore the wade range of Ayurvedic natural remedies. Moreover, all of our packages include a professionally-trained gurus who will help you on your path to well-being and guides who will accompany you on your hiking trips through peaceful nature..

Our suggested packages range from solely meditation and yoga retreats to longer treks combined with meditation and yoga sessions. The packages below are only suggested itineraries. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to tailor your own trip that will fit your wishes and needs.

Meditation in Nepal
14 Days 13 Nights

Meditation has proven itself to be very effective in curing migraine, depression, insomnia and anxiety without any medicine involved. The results of health improvement are…

Vipassana in Nepal
10 Days 9 Nights

Vipassana is a special type of meditation that teaches you how to find peace within yourself. We organize Vipassana meditation courses in the Nepal Vipassana…

Nepal Retreat Tour
13 Days 12 Nights

This journey comprises of a complete tour around Nepal combined with or mind & body approach to travelling. The tour begins with an exploration of…

Kailash Spiritual Tour
15 Days 14 Nights

There are a few locations in the world that ooze with unending energy. One of them is definitely the holy mountain of Kailash, located in…

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