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The new attraction center for Kathmandu valley is none other than the Chandragiri Hills. It has been gaining popularity day by day and now is at the peak of its charm. Chandragiri day tour is the newly added package that Asian Journey has brought for its clients. If you are tired of the hustle and bustles of city life and want to take daybreak then nothing can beat Chandragiri hills for its astounding beauty and religious value.  Also, this destination is located near Kathmandu valley which is in fact, the best spot for an exclusive taste of a day tour.

Chandragiri hill stands at an elevation of 2,551 meters from sea level and is situated to the south-west of Kathmandu. It takes only about 7 kilometers from Thankot to reach Chandragiri hills. This astonishing beauty of nature provides a 360 degree view of soaring mountain ranges including Annapurna, Manaslu, Fishtail, Ganesh Himal, Mt. Everest and many more. And the list doesn’t end here. This gorgeous area consist of restaurants, bars, tower for landscape photography, food stalls, shops for branded clothing, conference hall, a nice park for everyone to chill, a kindergarten park for children and there is yet more to come. Chandragiri hill carries more significance than the mountain views, lush green forests, and the breath taking view of the whole Kathmandu valley:  the religious significance and the historical significance.

Religious Significance:

According to the folklore, it is believed that the Bhaleshwor Mahdev appeared when the Bhala or the forehead of Satidevi fell off her body. According to a description written in Himvatakhanda, when Lord Shiva was carrying the dead body of her beloved wife Satidevi on his back and roaming around the earth like a crazy man, he didn’t realize that the body was decaying andwas falling offat places. In the course of Lord Shiva’s deep mourning, he wasn’t aware of Satidevi’s body disappearing and when he gained his consciousness, her body was already gone.  Wherever her body parts fell, Shiva Linga appeared and that’s how Bhaleshwor Mahadev is considered to be created. There are other religious beliefs that Sumukha and Birupa offered prayers in this divine temple and got rid of their sins.

Hence, people have a strong faith in this temple and they believe that whoever worships Lord Shiva in this temple gets rid of their sins, have their wishes fulfilled and will find abode in Shivalok in their afterlife.

Historical Significance:

It was King Prithvi Narayan Shah who unified the small pieces of kingdoms into the great Nepal.  And according to the folklore, King Shah came upon this hill when he was returning to this kingdom Gorkha from his in-laws’ realm at Makawanpur.  It was this hill which gave him the first impression of the beautiful and prosperous Kathmandu valley then. He was amazed to get the sight of such a scenic valley and the idea of capturing the valley into his kingdom arose at this very place. His two loyal astrologers then also predicted that he would definitely be able to conquer the valley and unify Nepal. The beliefs also state that King Shah gained spiritual powers for unification process after he went through tough ‘Sadhana’ or meditation at Chadragiri hill. His hardship of prayer pleased Lord Shiva and he granted the king’s wishes.

The Cable Car details:

It takes 9-14 minutes to reach the top from the foot of the hill covering a distance of 2.5 kilometers on cable car. This scenic ride is one of the major attractions for tourists.


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