Where is Nepal? How to Enter to Nepal?

Nepal, popularly known as the birth place of Gautam Buddha, the home of the highest peak in the world Everest is located in the Southern Part of Asia in between the two huge nations China and India. Nepal lies between the latitudes of 27.9389° N; 84.9408° E. Nepal covers 143,351 km2 of land and 3,830 km2 of water, with a total area of 147,181 km2. The Kingdom is 885 km long and its breath varies from 145 to 241 km north-south. The capital city of Nepal is Kathmandu. Nepal is located in the temperate zone with the added benefit of altitude. Nepal was discovered as a distinct and original nation in 1768. The currency of Nepal is the Nepalese Rupee (NPR).  The people of Nepal are referred to as Nepalese. The dialing code for the country is 977 and the top level internet domain for Nepalese sites is .np.


How to enter Nepal?

Nepal being a land-locked country has no sea ports so the only way to get into Nepal is by means of air or land

By means of Air:

Travelers from all around the world can fly to Nepal.  There are direct and indirect flights to get to Nepal.  There is only one international airport in Nepal and that is the Tribhuwan International Airport but various airlines such as Nepal Airlines, Thai Airways, Qatar Airways, Indian Airlines, Jet Airways and many others fly to and out of Nepal on a regular basis.

There are direct flights served to and from Calcutta, Singapore, London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Doha, Dhaka, Dubai Karachi and Paro. There are however no direct flights from Europe except Italy so you should stop at the Arabian Peninsulas or Delhi. The arrangement of Chartered flights can also be done. These flights specially feature international standards and business class amenities and in the process you will have a sneak peek at the Himalayas. The flight fares are meant to be paid in foreign currencies by foreigners and the ticker prices changes with change in exchange rate.  Extra money is charged for the overweight luggage and Confirmation of departure tickets is to be done and reconfirmed three days in advance to prevent any inconvenience.

By means of Land: Traveler can also enter Nepal by overland services through the following route and for those tourists wishing to drive with their personal vehicle should own an international driving license.

Nepal-India Border

  1. Belihya,Bhairahawa: It is one of the very popular route from where you can reach Lumbini, Pokhara and finally Kathmandu.
  2. Kakarbhitta : It is one of those route which will take you to a wonderful place Sikkim and Bhutan as well.
  3. Mahendranagar (Far Western Part Nepal)
  4. Dhanghadi
  5. Birjung (Nepal Central Part)
  6. Nepalgunj


Nepal-China Border

The only route available is via Kodari. Enter Ngari region with a 5-6 days trek through Purang and Hilsa to reach Simikot. Fly to Nepalgunj from there. From Lhasa, the road to Kodari border is the most popular, the “Friendship Highway” joins the capital Kathmandu with that of Tibet, Lhasa.

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