Trekking in Langtang after Earthquake, Now is open and safe to trek to Langtang Valley

Langtang is a region located in the northern part of Nepal and it is considered to be a trekking zone which is closest to the capital, being only approximately 100 kilometers away and easily reachable by bus or a private vehicle from Kathmandu. After the devastating earthquakes that hit Nepal in April and May 2015, this wonderful region was probably the trekking area most devastated by the earthquakes due to the fact that it lies close to the earthquakes’ epicenters. Needless to say, the earthquakes damaged the tourist infrastructure and created many landslides that practically destroyed large portions of the trekking routes.


However, almost a year and a half passed since the earthquakes in Nepal and the government and the local people have done their best in securing the trekking trails, as well as reconstructing and repairing the lodges in order to make this wonderful region fit for tourists again. A few months ago the government of Nepal announced that Langtang National Park has opened and welcomes tourists once more. The Langtang region and the neighboring Helambu area have a variety of different trekking routes to choose from. Langtang Valley is a magical narrow piece of land surrounded by some of Nepal’s highest peaks on its northern border with Tibet. That being said, this is the part of Langtang most hit by the earthquake but many things have been done since then leaving the routes safe and clean and a significant amount of lodges repaired and ready to use. The safer and less devastated portion of the Langtang National park is the trekking route to the holy lake of Gosainkunda – an area dotted with a dozen of small, high altitude, glacial lakes whose beauty will leave you breathless.  Another lovely option would be Helambu – an area overlooked by most of the trekkers who have trekked in Langtang, famous for its cultural charm and hospitality. Langtang National park is mostly inhabited by the Tamang people of a Tibetan origin who have a unique language, tradition and cultural practices.


Even before the earthquakes Langtang used to be perhaps the most underrated trekking region in Nepal. Now, the Langtang National Park and its people need you even more. Tourism is the biggest source of income for the people living there and with the trails secured and the lodges relatively rebuilt, there is no reason for you not to pack your bags and explore this gem!

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