What To Buy For Trekking In Nepal: Trekking Gears

Before any trek the most important thing that is taken under consideration is the trekking gears especially, when it is the trekking to Himalayas. Trekking gears are actually a collection of necessary equipment that one might need in trekking. Trekking gears is a very important aspect of preparing for an adventure travel trip. Some treks have tea houses and lodges throughout the trails while other require camping with proper equipment.

So, if you have a porter available in your trekking then the backpack that you carry is obviously going to be quiet small and easy but if you can’t acquire any porter in your trekking then all the needed items will make your backpack larger. However, if you are travelling and especially trekking, then you must have an idea of the gears that you need to manage before even embarking on your journey. The items will depend on the length and type of your trek. Make sure that the equipment’s are quiet comfortable for as you are going use them through out your trek. So, following is the list of trekking gears generalized to give you an idea on this.

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  1. Everest Base Camp Trek
  2. Annapurna Circuit Trek 
  3. Kathmandu Pokhara Tour


  1. Tent (necessary for treks with camping)
  2. Sleeping bag* (–15° bag will suffice on most treks which is unavoidable for treks in cold areas.)
  3. Sleeping pad
  4. Silk liner (If treks are in a lower elevation then sleeping bag will be no more required as you can simply use a silk liner to sleep with.)


  1. Backpack (size depends on whether or not you have porters)
  2. Hiking boots* (provides good support and protection from the elements on the trail and also necessary if you have a high pass on your trek)
  3. Camp shoes (to wear in your camp after a long day trek)
  4. Wool socks (bring a few pairs of varying thickness)
  5. Lightweight trekking pants
  6. Trekking shorts
  7. T-Shirts (lightweight wool is great)
  8. Underwear

Cold Weather

  1. Long underwear/Wool thermals
  2. Sweater
  3. Fleece
  4. Waterproof jacket and pants
  5. Heavyweight pants for high elevations (also good for camp)
  6. Heavy down jacket (can be rented in Kathmandu)
  7. Winter hat
  8. Winter gloves

Personal Supplies

  1. Sun screen
  2. Hand sanitizer
  3. Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, floss, etc.)
  4. Biodegradable bar soap
  5. Face/body wipes
  6. Biodegradable washing liquid
  7. Throat lozenges, lip balm
  8. Medications (Ibuprofen, others if necessary)


  1. Duct tape (fixes just about everything, at least temporarily. To avoid carrying an entire roll wrap the desired amount around a pencil)
  2. First aid kit (with moleskin for blisters)
  3. Extra passport photos and photocopies of your passport

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