Top 4 adventure sports in Nepal to try on Himalayan trekking holidays

As far as adventure holidays go, there are few better than Himalayan trekking holidays. That feeling you get as you walk through the clear mountain air and scale high passes is simply unbeatable. Well almost – you should also try the top 3 adventure sports in Nepal.


Top 4 adventure sports in Nepal

 As experts in adventure worldwide, the team at Asian Journey asked us to choose our top 3 adventure sports in Nepal. So what exactly is on offer in this high-altitude playground?



 Rafting in Nepal is a great way to give your legs a break from walking and let your arms do the hard work for a change.

Home to some of the wildest and most spectacular rivers in the world, Nepal is not short of locations and routes for you to try.

Go for a day trip to the Trishuli or Bhote Koshi rivers or go further a field and spend a few nights camping on the banks of the Kali Gandaki or Karnali rivers for a truly unforgettable white-water experience.


Nepal Trekking is one of the most valuable and rewarding experiences that a traveler can gain in this magical country. Rare are the things that feel so good as to get into the routine of exercise and rest every day and become adjusted to the raw nature in the Himalayas.

Asian Journey has a wide range of trekking itineraries that can fit everybody’s abilities and preferences. Our team of professional organizers and guides are also happy to help you tailoring your own trekking itinerary fitting your wishes and needs that will leave you with unforgettable memories. Find our best selling trekking packages here

Annapurna Base Camp Trek, Adventure sports in Nepal


 As the highest country on the planet, most of your trip to Nepal will be spent looking down on the rest of the world. So why not take to the skies to get a different perspective of the Himalayas?

The main hub for paragliding and other air-based thrills in Nepal is Pokhara. Here both tandem and solo flights are available, though if you want to take to the skies alone you’ll need to hold the relevant paragliding qualifications.

Pokhara in the Annapurna region ranks as one of the 10 best places to paraglide in Asia. So what are you waiting for, head to Nepal and paraglide in one of the top spots worldwide.


Bungee jumping

 Bungee jumping is one of those things that everyone wants to try at some point in their lives, so use your trip to Nepal to tick it off of your bucket list.

Adventure sports in Nepal

One of the most famous bungee jumps in Nepal is at The Last Resort. Which, is a great destination to visit and chill for a few days between treks.

Here you can jump from a bridge 160m high into a spectacular gorge, getting a unique view of the landscape as you fall – if you manage to keep your eyes open that is.


With so much on offer, Nepali is a paradise on earth for adrenaline addicts. So if you want to get a little more excitement into your life, head to the Himalayas and get ready for some real adventure.

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