Tips for Annapurna Base Camp trek : Travel Tips

Annapurna Base Camp has always been able to show up on the list of top trekking trails in the world. This popular  Annapurna Base Camp trek is a very good form of adventure to make it your next journey. This trip to the Himalayas has inspired so many of it’s visitors and given them the full satisfaction of adventure that every trekker seeks. And if you have already chosen ABC as your trip to Nepal, we propose the following tips that might help you through your journey.

  1. Be Well Prepared both Physically and Mentally:

Before embarking on any trek, especially in Nepal, it is better to be well prepared both physically and mentally for all the tough trails and body pains. Although, the route to ABC trek doesn’t go above 4500m and is a moderate trek around foothills of Annapurna massif, it is good if you already know your physical and mental fitness and feel well prepared. Therefore, we highly recommend you to go for physical exercises such as swimming, jogging, short distance hiking, cycling or anything that will let you know about your physical and mental endurances before any trek.

  1. Manage comfortable trekking gears for yourself:

Before any trek the most important thing that is taken under consideration is the trekking gears especially, when it is the trekking to himalayas. Trekking gears is a very important aspect of preparing for an adventure travel tip. From a lightweight and expedition thermal top to camping matress, everything is equally important. These are the things that can either make your trek memorable or troublesome. Thermal lightweight gloves, sleeping bags, light tents, wind stopper jacket or pullover, waterproof shell trousers, basic first aid kit, water bottles, head lamps, sunglasses with UV ray protection and everything else make sense in this trek.

Since you are going to walk all the way, footwears (socks and shoes) carry more value.

  1. Drinking water and energy bars:

At any physical task, it is obvious that you are going to persperate much and the water level inside your body is going to decrease in the form of sweat from your body. Therefore, it is always recommended to carry a water bottle with you and drink plenty of water at a regular interval of time as it not only helps you stay hydrated but also lessens the chances of altitude sickness which can become a hectic problem at high altitudes. These days, sipping bladder is also getting attentions but no matter what, the major thing is to stay hydrated.

Similarly, energy bars like chocolates, and dry fruits like raisins, cashew nuts, almonds are going to energise you to a certain level when you are too tired. In the himalayan treks, the rough terrains and remote trails for a long time will definitely take much of your energy level. So, if you have an alternative option to tackle every problems possible, your trip will be much more safer and reliable.

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  1. Trek slowly and enjoy the ABC sceneries:

Well, adventure treks are no competition to think who gets there fast. These are the medium of getting closer to nature and enjoy your free days. So, we suggest you not to hurry for the trek and walk so fast that you may not even catch your breathe. Instead, we want you to walk in a good pace, enjoy the gorgeous views of the Annapurna massif and other himalayan ranges, witness the beautiful nature around the trails, click pictures and create moments with your friends, feel the warm hearted Nepalese locals and take a time to appreciate their welcoming nature, laugh, smile, enjoy and keep going on the further adventure. This also helps to lessen the chances of altitude sickness and makes your trekking time lovelier than ever before.

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  1. Tackling with altitude sickness:

Altitude sickness is a very common problem that trekkers face specially after approaching an elevation higher than 3000m from sea level. That’s why, if you already have some knowledge on altitude sickness’s symptoms then you will be able to react quickly on this issue. The major symptoms are headache, difficulty in breathing, slight pain in chest or stomach unrest. On account of these symptoms, you are suggested to seek help from your trained trekking guide or if the condition goes worse, medical attention is a must.


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