Thamel, Kathmandu : How to reach?? Travel Tips

How to reach Thamel from Tribhuwan International Airport?

For any person visiting Nepal for the first time, where to go after landing in Kathmandu might be a hassle. So, keeping it in mind, we have come up with some guidelines for you to make your first journey easy once you land in Nepal.

You must be familiar with the fact that there is only one international airport in Nepal and that Tribhuwan International Airport(TIA) which located at Capital of the nation: Kathmandu. That is why, most of the hotels are situated in Kathmandu especially, in Thamel. Thamel is considered to be the heart of Kathmandu as it lies at the center of the city. It is one of the busy areas for tourists to stay and to shop. At Thamel, you will find everything that you will need to stay for few days and roam around the city. From a normal no star guesthouses to the luxurious five-star hotels, from local food stalls to authentic restaurants, from street vendors to big supermarkets, from fashionable clothing stores to typical Nepali clothing sewing store, Thamel has covered it all. Also, Thamel is known for backpackers’ destination and probably the nicest place to stay in Kathmandu giving easy access to all other routes in Nepal with good transportation facility.

So, following are some easy guidelines for you to reach Thamel from TIA:

  1. Using Taxi from Kathmandu Airport to Thamel:

Thamel Taking a taxi is the easiest option for a tourist which prevents you from all the hassles of using crowded public vehicles. As you get out of the airport, most probably you won’t need to find a taxi. In fact, they will find you because many of them will be waiting outside the airport looking for their clients. It will take only around half an hour to get you to Thamel. Now, some taxi drivers might be friendly and it’ll be easy for you to deal with them but few will be really hard to handle. You may want to be careful while fixing the taxi fare.

The above we discussed is a local taxi but there’s another type of taxi called Prepaid Airport Taxi in the airport.

  1. Using Prepaid Airport Taxi:

thamelWell, you can totally rely on Prepaid Airport Taxi. These taxis are run and regulated by Nepal Government and are available 24 hours a day. As you get out of the Airport building, you will find such taxi just past the tourist information center. If you are traveling Nepal for the first time then there’s an additional benefit for you that a person from taxi counter or anyone they recommend will travel with you in your taxi up to your destination. He will completely take your safety responsibility in this short trip and shall offer you some travel packages in Nepal. If you seem to be interested in his offers, it’ll be easy for you else, at least, you will be getting any important information of Nepal and tourism in Nepal from him. These might help you in your journey. Also, if you haven’t decided yet then he might also recommend you a nice hotel of your taste and requirements because they are locals and they know almost everything about their place.

Now concerning to the prices, local taxis are a bit cheaper than prepaid ones. But they will not ensure your safety and they might charge you either more or less. Most of the local taxis do not run by the meter in Nepal and the prices may vary from taxi to taxi. But if you can bargain well then the cost might be easy on you. Well, unlike the local taxis, Prepaid are reliable and trustable. They run at a fixed price of Rs. 750 but you will get a lot of new information from them if you are here for the first time plus, you will be out of the hassle of choosing a taxi and talking about the cost. If you are traveling at night generally, after 9:30, a hundred rupee extra will be surcharged on you. Choose any type of taxi that you think, suits you!

  1. Taking local buses:

thamel bus parkThis option contains the most hassles on your trip to Thamel. As you know, Kathmandu is a very small city and the roads are under construction and might be very dusty somewhere. So, the transportation is also underdeveloped and the public vehicles especially, buses and minivans get too rowdy sometimes. But, if you want to look at the real side of the city and travel like a local person does, then bus might be a perfect option for you. Once you exit the airport main gate, past the roundabout and just follow the main roads. From there, you shall be able to see a bus station. If not, you can ask any local or pedestrian the way to the nearest bus station. As you reach the station, pay attention to the conductor’s shootings as they only shout the name of the destination. Once, you hear a conductor screaming “Ratna Park Ratna Park” you can get on that bus and it’s better if you stay close to the driver or conductor so that, you will be able to ask them your destination stop and get off the bus at the right stop. This journey shall cost you only 30 to 40 rupee which is equivalent to around US$ 0.3 to 0.4. From the stop, it’s just 10 minutes short walk to Thamel or you can again take a minivan to Thamel as there’s is no direct public vehicle to Thamel.

Overall, this option is the cheapest but is the most hassle as you will have to carry your heavy backpack or suitcase with you till you reach your hotel from the airport. So, as a conclusion, if you want a comfortable and safe journey to Thamel or fast but a little cheaper journey or the cheapest not taking care of few hassles, you have your options. So, travel well, travel safe and enjoy Nepal!

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