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Reasons you should start trekking: Either it is Nepal or any other country, trekking is a pleasant venture that nearly every person can do with some effort and time. Our busy lives do not give us the opportunity to realize that most of us merely survive and not live. Whether you are climbing the company’s ladder, building your own business, or having family responsibilities, it is easy to get caught in a dull life You ought to gift yourself the liberty and ecstasy you are worthy of.. Life is not always meant to be a time-table. Start exploring! Start Trekking!!

Why Trek??

  1. To Gain New Experiences and Capture Incredible Photos

Going out to new region shows new and fascinating encounters to you. Trekking lets you experience new things in a very individual and up-close manner which can, in turn, be a benefit for those who are willing to leave their home for some period of days. Your treks take you into straight contact with new societies.

Travelling from one place to another gives you an opportunity to get amazing shots of various scenes. With every walk with nature, you are sure to get more than what you wished for. So a photographer or a person who wants to add some extra experiences to their photo albums should start trekking for their own use.

  1. Get close to nature

Trekking is a beautiful way of traveling. It’s real and filled with surprises. Go out there and view the world without a filter.  The views and undiscovered spots you get to see on a trail are ones that no world class tour can guarantee you.  A trekking experience takes you to the places you’ve just longed for going to. Trekking helps you experience natural scenery and splendor throughout your journey. A large number of the world’s safe treasures of nature can only be explored through long excursions such as trekking. If you want to discern the genuine natural beauty then trekking is the thing for you. Good

  1. Exercise and Physical Activities

Trekking between 4 to 6 hours a day burns many calories while drinking lots of water helps to purify the overall body. You forget the fact that you are actually burning calories in the process. The whole experience of walking in the glory of the mountains is extremely tranquil and invigorating. It is helpful for building up your legs and core strength, boosting your immune system, lowering your blood pressure and reducing the risk of heart disease. Good sleep after physical exercise is another way of revitalizing your body and mind. While trekking, your entire focus is on the beauty of the surroundings that you get exposed to and you even forget your pain.

  1. Life lessons

Trekking is not only about walking for hours. Meeting new people along the trails, walking together with people of completely different background will teach us how to cooperate with the team.  The most important thing is to understand how humans can be happy by only having the basics needs. Experiencing the local’s life just for a short time clarifies what corresponds to the real value in one’s life. You get a chance to meet people from diverse backgrounds, and build lasting relationships.

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  1. Motivation and Well Being

Humans need the motivation to stay fit, perform better and be good. By walking several hours a day, you feel proud of your endurance, which boosts your confidence and makes you prepare for the next height and challenge. You can then apply the same technique in your normal life once getting back to home. Planning every single day and executing with discipline and hard work can result in conquering your everyday high mountains, like conquering Mt. Everest. Trekking is a form of meditation. Breathing the fresh air and feeling the calmness and peaceful mountainous scenery and diverse landscape rejuvenates your inner spirit.

Away from all the social media, television and news lay silence bliss experienced by trekking. Aren’t you excited? If not then you really must not like adventures but if you are excited and pumped up then you have that inner crave which you can use to ignite your starting phase of trekking.                                                                   

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