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When you are travelling to different places, it is obvious that you would like to taste the best of local foods and take part in their traditional cultures as well. And if you are travelling to Nepal and wondering about what foods to taste so that, you don’t miss the best dishes then this blog might guide you through this.

Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur: these are three main cities that make up the valley.  Also, these are the cities where most of the Newari peope have been residing for ages now. Although people from many different cultures and tribes have been living here but the majority percentage goes to the Newars. Newari culture is as interesting as the whole Kathmandu valley is. Their traditions, festivals, foods, languages and of course, their welcoming nature are really appreciable. If you would like taste their traditional party called ‘Voj’ then you better get introduced to someone Newari local or your tour agency might do the work for you. And if you are lucky enough to get invited to their traditional feast (Lapate Bhoye), missing it means missing a large variety of the tastiest foods in Nepal.

So, our least begins from the ‘Lapate Bhoye’ as follows:

  1. Lapate Bhoye: In this feast, all guests sit on long narrow straw mats(sukuls) facing each other. They serve food on a plate made of leaf accompanied by small clay bowls for alcohol. , The elders are served first with food which is their way of showing respect towards their seniors. The feast begins with two handful of baji (beaten rice) and then a variety of vegetables follows. The variety consits of curries like geda gudi (mix of different lentils), hariyo saag (green spinach), and alu tama (curry of potatoes and bamboo shoot) which has a sweet aroma and taste. Spicy achaar (pickles), and there may be two of those: alu kerau (a spicy mixture of radish, potatoes, and green and small brown peas) and golveda ko achaar (ripe tomato pickle), Hakuchoila (spiced ground meat, broiled), swan (lungs filled and fried), and bhuttan (fried intestine and other abdominal parts), With all these foods being served on succession, someone will also pour a palaful of aaila which is homemade alcohol for you. Finally, after this heavy food, you will be served with sweet yoghurt as desert. Generally, these yoghurts are from Bhaktapur called Juju Dhau and are considered as the tastiest yoghurts througout Nepal. Immediately after yoghurt a plenty of raw carrots, cucumbers will be served for you.

Nepali Food


  1. Daal Bhat Tarkari: It is the most famous and ethnic food of Nepal which is eaten by all Nepalese twice a day. On your large plate, you will be served with bhat (steamed rice) in the middle, Daal (Pulse soup), Tarkari (Curry), Achar (Pickle), Dhido( flours of maize, wheat, millet, buckewheat after boiling), Meat of different variety ranging from chichken to buff to mutton curry. This complete plate will give you a unique taste which is enjoyed throughout Nepal and is also a good balanced diet to keep you going for more adventure.
avoid food poisoning in Nepal

A Healthy Nepali Cuisine

  1. MoMO: Another most popular dish in Nepal is MoMo which is loved by almost all of the Nepalese. It is perfect to eat whenever you feel hungry a little or a lot. MoMo(Dumpling)is available almost everywhere, from little food shop to large and expensive restaurants. These look like a tiny balls of steamed flour wrapped in a nice design. But, inside these balls are minced meat or vegetable and the cooked momo is eaten with spicy sauce. A variety of momo is also available ranging from buffalo meat, chicken meat, pork and a mixture of vegetables like cabbage, carrots, onions etc. These momos are served either by steaming only or by frying with sauce and spices after steaming.


  1. Chatamari: Chatamari is the popular Newari roti cooked in round shape. This is made with rice flour and water mixed but the topping can be of different variety like meat, egg and vegetables. It looks like Newari pizza as well but made in non-stick pan. Chatamaris are cooked especially, in newari festivals. At the beginning, a flat bread of rice flour is prepared in medium heat and over this bread, minced meat, egg, tamatoes, onions, green chillies and spices are added to make it look delicious and taste insanely yummiest.

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  1. Yomari: Yomari resembles momo in the cooking process. Both are wrapped outside with with steamed flour and on the inside is a delicious filling. Yomari specifically, is made with dumpling rice flour and is shaped as of fig. This steamed delicious food is prepared especially on newari birthdays or on the occassion of Yomari Punhi. The inside filling can be of a variety of ingredients such as, sesame seed, chaku(sweet made with sugar and brown in colour), and Khuwa (milk solid). It is best Newari dish served hot and is usually eaten in winter. This delicious food is available almost on every street and corner of Newari hotel in Kathmandu.


  1. Dhindo and Gundruk: Dhindo or dhido may sound like some exotic dish, but it is simply a thick porridge or mush, made by boiling the cornmeal (millet or buckwheat flour) in hot water with salt. This simple dish is considered to be the cheapest and easily available in Nepal. Hence, it is consumed by even the poorest people of Nepal in the rural and middle mountain but it’s taste along with spicy gundruk (fermented form of leafy green vegetables)gives you not only a unique taste but this taste helps you recognize Nepal and Nepalese people in the most heart warming way possible.

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