Most Popular Tea Garden in Nepal, Tips before you go Ilam Tea Garden

Ilam – Ilam is famously known as the tea capital of Nepal. Bordering West Bengal in India, Ilam is less commercial and pretty undiscovered version of the Indian Darjeeling (a couple of hours drive away). Ilam has literally everything. Lush green hills covered with tea and misty forests (covered with more than 75 types of rhododendron) and lakes surrounding them are one of the things that you will notice first in Ilam, along with its very friendly residents.  If you feel more adventurous, you should definitely climb one of the two highest hills in Ilam, either Antu Danda or Sadakpur (3.600m). They offer spectacular views of perhaps the most Himalayan peaks at the same time in Nepal. In clear weather conditions, you can catch a glimpse of both Kanchenjunga and Mount Everest – a very rare combination! However, even staying down on their base is a beautiful experience filled with the smell of tea and pine trees. You can easily reach Ilam either by road or by plane. If you want to enrich your experience, you can combine your Ilam Tea Garden trip to Ilam to the Kanchenjunga circuit or one of the eastern Terai towns and villages in order to witness more of the variety that Nepal has to offer.

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