Mistakes Every First Time Traveler Makes

It’s natural for us human beings to make mistakes when we start something new and when it comes to travelling, it is the same. Out of excitement, we may unknowingly make mistakes that can cause us problems during travelling. As first time travelers, gearing yourself up can be a very difficult task as you will have a tornado of emotions and preparation in your mind. Due to the lack of experience and knowledge first timers make a lot of mistakes. And some of the common mistakes are:

  1. Packing too much stuffs

As a first time travelers, you will not be able to figure out what stuffs you need in course of traveling and instead pack everything to avoid any difficulties. There is always a fear that what will I do if I don’t get this while doing that. So for example we pack some tens of T-Shirts when we may need only three.  Carrying too much stuff will make you tired of lugging it around. It is always fine to be comfortable while travelling. So before starting your packing, have a plan and make a stuffing list. Remember that you can always buy new stuffs on the road if needed. So it is not necessary to pack everything.

  1. Planning too much or too little

Planning is very important while travelling but overdoing it and under doing it is the biggest mistake you will ever make. You will not want to have the next three months of your travel planned out day by day. Sometimes you want to do unpredicted things and have fun in that but that doesn’t mean that you land on a place where you have no idea about what to do next. So always have a rough idea of where you are going and let it be flexible enough to clinch opportunities.

  1. Travelling too fast to explore everything

We will have a lot of excitement when we are travelling for the first time and we want to explore each and everything quickly and possibly tick each and every box as we actually can. But travelling is not a chase. The main idea of travelling is to know about the country, the culture and the experiences. It is healthier to spend more time travelling to fewer places then rushing and boasting about the places you have been. You cannot explore everything at once so you have to be convinced that you will travel again. Only then will you have the appetite for similar adventures.

4.     Not Opting For Insurance

If you are in any sort of accident, or you get sick or your belongings get lost in course of travelling then you will be tremendously delighted that you spent little amount of money on an assurance policy. One in a million things can go wrong when travelling in a new place. Most of people don’t think of insurance which is a major mistake they make. So opt for insurance before travelling.

5.     Worrying About Small Stuffs and Panicking

When setting up for a trip, it is important not to have idealistic expectations. Travelling to unknown places is full of fear and excitement. The unknown is intimidating. It is not a good idea to stress out even before going on a plane. Don’t panic out if things don’t go as intended. All you need is to go with the flow. Don’t anticipate the trip to be perfect or have too many expectations.

6.     Being Dependent on Travel Agency for everything:

It is easy to book our vacation nowadays online on travel agency but fully relying on the travel agency is not a good idea. Travel agencies can be helpful in most of the cases such as booking your flights and getting economical packages but you should be able to handle yourself.

7.     Not Researching and Underestimating costs

A lot of research should be done before travelling. You should save up some money because the stuffs may be costlier in the newer places. You may have to pay more money sometimes. So you should make a proper research and have a rough idea of the expenses that you are going to make. It is better to carry some extra money accordingly. You should make proper research about the fees that local taxis or buses charge so that you don’t end up paying more.

At the end of the day, it is your life and your money with what you are travelling. Many people have different ways of experiencing adventures. So it is good to take opinions from them but do not let them intimidate you. Go out for your trip with a fresh mind and enjoy and try to avoid the common mistakes that are made.


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