How to choose reliable Trekking Agencies in Nepal

Have you already made up your mind for spending your next Nepal Trekking Vacation but confused about choosing the one tour company among the 1000s found online?

Well, we understand that choosing a tour company is a difficult task and most important one as the experience of the entire trip depends upon this one big decision. Hence, we know that you must be in a dilemma about which one to choose and which one to reject. Since your trip experience vastly depends on the travel agency, travel guide and their management, you should consider the following points to find a good fit company for you.

(1) Decide your needs: Before you think of searching for travel agencies, you should decide    your needs for this trip so that, you can choose a good tour company that can follow your expectations and stand upto it. For example: you should decide what kind of accommodation do you really want, the type of food you would like to eat during the whole trip, the routes you want to travel on and many more. If you are already prepared in your mind, it’ll be easier for you to select a nice tour agency.

(2) Experience and Expertise: The older the company, the better it is! It is because, in this business, only those companies can keep running which have potential to meet their customer’s expectations and facilities. Moreover, an experienced agency can also be considered as the experts in this business. But this is not it. Any newer company started by the experienced guides can also be a good fit for you.

(3) Affiliation: You have to consider this point as an important one because any company which is not affiliated to the respective authorities can rarely be reliable. Hence, these companies must be associated with recognized organizations: Government or Non-government and this quality has an ability to define their reliability.

(4) Registration and Licenses: Well, this point also includes the reliability and trust test upon such tour agencies. Any tour agency requires to be registered with Nepal Government, Nepal Tourism Board(NTB) and Trekking Agencies Association in Nepal(TAAN). If the agency sells climbing too then registration with NMA is must.

(5) Costs and Facilities: Well, you should not always consider companies the cheaper, the better! It’s not always the same case where all cheaper companies are the better ones. You have to look for the reasonable prices and facilities. Hence, you have to tally the facilities provided by these agencies such as pick up and drop off, good accommodation throughout the journey, responsible guides and services provided at emergency cases. You have to compare your needs and the facilities provided by the agency.

(6) Client Review: It is unlikely that these agencies will post any negative reviews on their sites because they don’t want their business to go down at all. So, the websites such as TripAdvisor and Lonely Planet can also be your help to see the reviews and if their e-mails are available, then it will be a good chance for you to mail them and ask about their experience.

(7) Send an Inquiry e-mail: If you want to know more about the facilities that any company provides and would like to know whether or not they meet your needs, it’s always a good option to send them an inquiry mail. This two way communication will definitely help to clear things up and know the company closely.

(8) Safety Priorities of Agency: Well, finding out the safety standards of the agency is good before you pick up any of it as it can be harmful if necessary precautions are not taken care of. Moreover, health comes before anything else. Hence, avoiding any kind of possible injury is the only way towards succeeding such adventurous treks.

(9) Interview with your guide: If you have any time beforehand you pick up a company, you would better talk to your guide first. You can check whether or not he has a valid guide certificate, provided with proper gears, speaks the language that you are comfortable with, matches your comfort zone and personality and most importantly, whether or not he as enough knowledge to make your trip exciting. It is important to know all these things as your entire trek depends on the abilities of your guide along with you.

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