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Hindu Pilgrimage Tour is an attractive tour that let you experience the Hindu culture, Nepal Tourism and discover the historic places believed to have dwelling of god. The tour is very significant for all Hindu followers and culture lovers. There are many places to be visited by the Hindu followers. Nepal is also the Gateway to Kailash Mansarovar, the mythological dwelling of Lord Shiva. Disciples from different parts of world crowd the temples during special festivals.

Hinduism is the world largest religion after Christianity and Islam with charming ancient history and myth. Hinduism is the oldest religion as being pointed out in many Purans and Shastras (holy books). Nepal was principally a Hindu Kingdom before the announcement of Secular. It still holds equal importance as being the Hindu kingdom because of its affluence in Hindu Religious places, temples and shrines. Thousands of Hindu Pilgrimages visit Nepal on important Hindu festivals such as Ram Navami, Krishna Astami, Maha Shiva Ratri and many other occasions. This is why Nepal is one the most important Hindu pilgrimage center and popular for the Hindu religious tours.

Majority of the population of Nepal is Hindu. Nepal is the birth place of Janaki (Sita), wife of Ram. Kathmandu was once also called city of temples. Pashupati Nath temple devoted to Lord Shiva is one of the biggest Hindu pilgrimages situated near the bank of holy Bagmati River in Kathmandu. Budhanilkantha and Changunarayan temple are Vishnu temples in Kathmandu. The living goddess Kumari has been the attraction for Hindus.

Hindu pilgrimage Tour is an easy cultural trek to visit some of the popular and sacred Hindu religious temples and culture places of Nepal. Patan Durbar Square and Bhaktapur Square are some popular destinations of Nepal Tourism. Tour of Hindu Pilgrimage goes from Manakamana Temple to Pokhara city. The visit of Janakpur ,Gosainkunda and Muktinath can be mentioned in our program as the wish of Trekkers. Asian Journey takes you to more religious sites of Nepal.

Hindu Pilgrimage Sightseeing Places in Nepal

Pashupatinath: This temple is situated on the banks of the holy River Bagmati  and is the most important temple to the Hindus. There four main festivals observe in Pashupatinath are Shivaratri, Teej (a festival solely observed by Hindu women) Ekadashi and Bala Chaturdasi. The main door opens 5am in the morning and 7:30pm for Aarati.

Aarati being held at the Pahupatinath

Bouddhanath:  Boudhanath is one of the most magnificent landmarks in Kathmandu. The stupa was built in 5th century has prayer wheels of copper with “Om Mani Padme Hum” decorated in them fixed to the walls. The stupa has Buddha eyes in four sides. The Tibetan Buddhist people get together in this Stupa in Tibetan New Year and other Tibetan festival. Early in the morning and sun setting time, the devotees come to pay their homage, light the butter lamp and circle the stupa

Boudhanath At night

Budanilkantha: This is the largest stone statue of Bishnu in Nepal. The fine meter long image is sleeping over the snake in the middle of the pond.

Swayambhunath Stupa: Swayambhunath is also known as ‘Monkey Temple’ and is located to westwards of Kathmandu. Towards the west of Swayambhu there is a shrine dedicated to Manjushree who is accredited to have drained the lake and made the valley livable.

Patan Durbar Square: Patan is also known as ‘Lalitpur’ and lies 5 km southeast of Kathmandu. Patan is a traditional city with narrow streets, old houses, and well-preserved Hindu temples, Buddhist monasteries (vihars) and monuments.

Patan Durbar Square

Patan Durbar Square

Kathmandu Durbar Square: Kathmandu Durbar Square is rich in wooden architecture. Kathmandu is sacred by a Living Goddess Kumari. There are few occasions when Goddess Kumari pulls out on her Chariot to the public area for blessings.

Manakamana temple: Aspiration fulfilling Goddess, Manakamana is located in between Kathmandu and Pokhara. The temple is situated hill ffrom where mountain can be viewed. The temple can be reached after 10m riding a cable car. This is another most visited temple in Nepal. If you are looking for other Nepal Tour Packages, Asian Journey will assist you to plan your holidays any time.

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