Health and Medical Hiking in Nepal, Medical Treks in Nepal to help the remote areas people of Nepal

Health and Medical hiking are the unique way to explore Nepal.  The hiking will take you to the less explored places of Nepal. It is also an opportunity to get engaged into the local communities of Nepal and learn their way of life. The duration of trek ranges from one destination to the other and is planned by Asian Journey Pvt. Ltd. It doesn’t matter if you are a non medical personnel, you can accompany in the hike as well. Medical hiking would be a rewarding experience and you will be initiating an enjoyable yet very important step towards a healthy lifestyle. It is the best trek for the physicians in training, medical students and non- medical personnel as well. Medical trek benefits you in many ways; it provides you the unique insight into the local communities. It does add extra dimension to your experience as well.


The medical trek is completely based on visiting the remote and less explored, yet beautiful areas of Nepal. It is an excellent opportunity to explore Nepal and help its local people. The people of remote areas of Nepal are deprived of basic medical facilities and our trek aims to aid them with some help. Dental and eye treks are some examples. It is an adventurous task to trek in the high Himalayan ranges of Nepal and those willing to have such adventurous should be fit and healthy. Checking of proper health condition is essential before embarking on such treks.In case of serious medical conditions, we also organize fastest evacuation.Our trek leaders always have some first aid kit in their bag. We however will not have an expert doctor in our trek. We also ask you to bring your own anti-biotic with the prescription of doctor.

‘We will take you to the remote areas and some of the medical trekking destinations would be Annapurna, Langtang, Ganesh Himal, Helambu etc.. If you are a qualified medical personnel willing to take on the role of ‘trek doctor’ we would be happy to discuss this with you. However, you are more than welcome if you are not a medical personnel as well.

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