Everest Base Camp Trek – An Inspirational Journey

It is very wonderful and amazing experience in this place. It is one of the most historical, spectacular and inspirational journeys that exist in the world and Considered as one of the most famous locations on the planet, the Everest Base Camp lies in the close proximity to the four of the world’s tallest peaks – Mt. Everest, Mt. Lhotse, Mt. Makalu and Cho Oyu. With colorful prayer flags adorning the campsite and stunning views of the Himalaya mountain range, the atmosphere is both majestic and magical in this sublime natural haven.

I have been there for this Everest Trekking and enjoyed with the Flora & Fauna & also the trekking too with the security.

My Experience in Everest Base Trek

This tour is a 15 days trip in a safer time. All visitors including me landed in the Kathmandu airport and stayed in the hotel provided by the company with all facilities excellently.

The day 2 we all started to fly Lukla and trekking has been started around 3 hours with all safety items followed by guide with guidelines and route map.

While trekking I was completely tired because of journey and trekking the Everest and all it was time consuming and I was really exhausted and fell down. Then the guides helped me to trek slowly and then I won the 2nd prize as 5000 INR cash in trekking there.

I felt very happy and surprised once got the prize. The people were so friendly and enjoyed like anything which I never expected in my life.

Till the tour completed with trekking on the Everest base it was unforgettable experience for me.

I took some snaps of the wonderful views and group snaps with the company together.

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