Chitwan National Park vs Bardia National Park, Which is best to visit for wildlife Safari in Nepal

Chitwan National park and Bardia National Park are the ideal places if you want to have a first class wildlife experience and are also well managed by Nepal government and tourist operations.

Bardia National Park is the largest national park in Nepal whereas Chitwan was granted the status of World heritage Site in 1984. Both the National Parks were established in the 90s. Bardia is time and again described as what Chitwan was like three decades ago. Due to Popularity Chitwan is overrun by tourism but Bardia National Park is not. Bardia is a less explored park which provides more views of wildlife. Both Chitwan and Bardia National Parks offer activities like bird watching, rafting and Jungle Safari. Tour guides are available to inform about the parkā€™s diversity and Tharu culture. However, in Bardia National Park you will get the undivided and personal attention of the tour guide as it is far from Kathmandu and is a secluded place but it leaves more for exploration which is not the case in Chitwan. As it is a popular place and is overrun by tourist, you are likely to travel in groups and may or may not get divided attention from the tourist guides.


Bardia National Park Tiger


Chitwan dominates Bardia in terms of species count but there is a high chance of discovering them in Bardia. The dense vegetated forest of Chitwan makes it hard to explore the wildlife. Bardia on the other hand offers more open space which makes the sighting of the wildlife frequent. There is in fact more sighting of the Royal Bengal Tiger in Bardia and one horned rhinoceros moved from Chitwan. The species of blue bull, blackbuck and wild elephants are only found in Bardia National Park.

There is a huge variety and diversity of life inside the park. It protects endangered animals and maintains a healthy population of at least 53 mammals including one horned rhinoceros, wild elephant, royal Bengal tiger, gangetic dolphins, crocodiles and marsh mugger. Moreover, Bardia is also a habitat for 642 faunal species and 23 species of reptiles whereas, due to the small tributaries of the Karnali-Babai river system, this area has been a habitat for a large throng of 125 species of fishes. If you are a bird watcher and love to hear their soothing chirpings then Bardia can be a great destination for you as it consists of 407 bird species, among them the Bengal florican, white rumped vulture, peafowl and bar-headed geese are the symbol of the park. You can also see Jungle prinia, Pale-footed bush warbler, golden headed cisticola and more.


Hence, both Chitwan and Bardia National Park are good options to enjoy wildlife but since Bardia is yet to explore and also offers a clear and more chances of encounteringĀ  wild animals and birds, we suggest you not to leave Nepal before experiencing what Bardia National park has to offer. Besides, Bardia is far from Kathmandu, expensive, difficult and a bit long distance to travel but a more distinctive and unforgettable visit is not made unless you see the splendid creature Bardia has in store for you.

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