Boudhanath Stupa: How To Reach? : Travel Tips

Boudhanath Stupa is one of the largest stupa in the world occupying an area of 7 kilometers. It is also well known as Boudha and Boudhanath among the locals. Enlisted in the world heritages sites, it is also one of the most important stupas outside of Tibet. Situated at about 5km northeast of central Kathmandu, Boudhanath Stupa represents the flourishing Tibetan Buddhist Community and culture. It is believed that this stupa was built in the 14th century and since then, it is going strong. Unfortunately the recent earquake of 2015 has damaged it a lot but it survived and after a year long repair and construction, it seems that the same old and giant stupa has stood on it’s feet again.

The stupa is surrounded by a pleasant courtyard of numerous hotels, cafes, traditional shops selling singing bows, thankas and many more. The charming environment is very peaceful to mind. You might also encounter some people meditating and chanting the religious mantras. Once you enter the stupa, don’t forget to walk round the outskirts of the stupa in the clockwise direction and rotate the prayer wheels in the same direction again. This place becomes even more appealing at night when thousands of butter lamps will be lit around the dome. The Bouddhanath Stupa is the best place for Nepal Tour Packages, Once shouldn’t miss this place your visit to Nepal.

How to get to the Boudhanath Stupa?

Well, if you wish to visit this stupa and have confusion on getting here, especially, if you belong to some other country, then we have covered you here. Following are the two ways to get to the Stupa:

  1. By Taxi: Hiring a taxi to Boudhanath is the easiest and most common form of tourist transport. You can get a taxi anywhere from Kathmandu or from Thamel to Boudhanath costs which costs around 400 rupees. Don’t forget to tell the taxi driver to drop you off at the main gate of the stupa.
  2. By bus: For more adventure you can take a mini-van bus from Kathmandu city. There are direct mini vans to Boudhanath departing from anywhere around Ring road. You can also catch the bus from Jamal bus park which is situated just before Rani Pokhari on Kantipath Road. The bus will drop you off for around 25 rupees. It is the cheapest medium to reach you destination and is also a way to experience the daily lifestyle of the locals here.thamel bus park


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