Biking Around Kathmandu Valley: The Ultimate Adventure

The Ultimate Adventure: Day Biking around Kathmandu Valley

Nepal has always been one of the best places for adventurous trekking and hiking trails on earth but did you know that this small country has a lot to offer with its diverse landscapes? Nepal has a great mountainous terrain which makes it equally as interesting and adventurous as it has been for trekking in its history. Yes, we are talking about one of the ultimate adventure perfectly suitable for those who wish to explore the dirt trails along with the breath-taking views of the Himalayas: Cycling!

You get it all here when it comes to adventurous biking tours whether it is long routes or the short ones. If you wish to delve into the magnificent Himalayan country, its landscapes, the hospitable Nepalese people and their lively culture then we bet, mountain biking trip is the worthiest option for you. Generally, the route begins from Kathmandu as it is the most common city where you stay once you arrive. If you are looking for short routes, Kathmandu valley might be the ideal place as it consists of many up and down trails leading to secluded places which are far away from the crowds and pollutions of the centre of the capital. The steep up hills and down hills can be challenging at times but all of your patient pedaling will take you to the places that will relieve all your muscle pains, sore body and stressed eyes.

Following are the best short routes around Kathmandu Valley:

Lakuri Bhanjyang:

This ride is around 30km from patan. Lakuri Bhanjyang is one of the nearest viewpoints around Kathmandu which will treat you with splendid sights of green forests, Himalayas on a clear day and the most interesting part of the whole journey is the rugged dirt trail up the hill. Categorized as an intermediate level cycling trail, this journey is going to make you all sweaty yet satisfied and happy.

You will begin your journey from Patan where you will gear up for the ride. You will head towards Gwarko following Sundhara of Patan and to Lubhu which is a straight road from Gwarko. This city is popular for handmade looms and brick makers. After a few minutes ride in Lubhu you will pedal along the dirt jeep track enjoying the green forests and the Himalayas. Finally, the steep uphill of around 500m is risky, so you need to be careful at this point.

On returning, you will descend via a rural village called BebarKhola which consists of mainly Newar, Tamang and Chhetri people, go further to Panauti and catch up with the straight road back to Patan.

Chobar to Champadevi:

Chobar is another beautiful destination for mountain biking. This hill is located 6km south of Kathmandu and takes only 20 minutes on bike to reach the Chobar Gorge. This gorge is famous and absolutely suitable for technical and difficult ride. The green Gorge and Jalvinayak temple here are the centre of attraction for everyone

The 15 minutes ride from Chobar village will lead you to a rugged trail to Bansbari from where only 2 hours ride will take you to Chapa Devi through green forest. This quaint place is an ideal destination in order to view the whole valley along with great mountain range: sometimes even Mt. Everest on clear day.

For the returning route, you have two choices: either head towards Pharping or Pikhel to get back to Kathmandu.

Kathmandu to Nagarkot:

Nagarkot is one of the most famous hill stations in the valley. Situated at an elevation of 2150m and 30km far from Kathmandu, a ride to Nagarkot will never let you down with its extraordinary viewpoints. It is good for easy riders as well as pro riders with its slow uphill ride along the new highway. There are a couple of exhausting steep climbs but the sceneries and the typical local villages are worth getting sweaty on the trail.

The trail will initiate from Kathmandu. You will ride towards Baneshwor, pass through koteshwor, Suryavinayak and reach Kamalvinayak. From this point, it is 15km slow ascend along the pitched road that directly takes you to Nagarkot. Nagarkot probably the best place for enjoying the best sunrise and sunset views in Kathmandu valley along with its typical villages, different cultures, the himalayas and of course the hospitable villagers. It a ride you shall remember forever!

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Balaju to Kakani is another thrilling yet scenic biking route in the Valley. The great himalayas and the clouds over the green lush of mountains are a treat to watch. And observing this undiluted form of beauty while cycling is just an amazing experience. Your ride will begin at Balaju which is 2 km north of Thamel and pedal towards Kakani which is situated at an altitude of 2073m and 23 km away. The trail is going to lead you to Nagarjuna Forest reserve. A short break to observe the diverese flora and fauna at this place might be a good idea. On reaching the peak of the ridge, continue to the right from the T-junction.

The next 4km steep hill from here and you can stop at Kakani which consists of a lot of tea houses and good eateries to stop by.

Kathmandu Valley Rim:

It is an ideal route for long cycling. This challenging route requires a few numbers of days with high physical effort and good patience. With around 4 days of time reserved, Kathmandu Valley Rim takes you on a journey of whole kathmandu valley on your bike.

The trail leading you towards spectacular Nagarkot, Chisapani, Shivapuri National Park while observing some historical and religious Hindu temples like Changunarayan,famous monastery of Namobuddha and 3 valley cities; Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur. It’s a perfect opportunity to explore what this capital city has to offer.  This rewarding yet equally challenging adventure definitely lies on every biker’s to do list.

In case of professional bikes hire and further trail suggestions, do give us a call or send us enquiry. It will be our pleasure to help you in the best possible way.

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