Bhutan Trekking Tours – Greatest Treks in Bhutan

Bhutan tours and trekking were very awesome.  This Bhutan place is a like a heaven on the Earth.

I have been there for both Bhutan tour & trekking as well because there are some discounts for these two packages.

My Experience in Bhutan Tour

In Bhutan different types of package tours are there like Photography tour, Valley of Earthly Delights so on.

I went for Photography tour where I can enjoy the nature and so on. It is a 12 days trip for this.

From the day1 we enjoyed with the Flora & Fauna. It provides a stunning array of photographic opportunities like mountainous landscapes, ancient temples and monasteries, lively, colourful festivals, a timeless Buddhist culture and fascinating people across the region in a superb way.

The Bhutan Ultimate Photography Tour is a suggested itinerary designed to make the most of these incredible features.

Some professional photographers love the nature in this place and they use to come here for the peace of mind because of the eco-friendly environment.

After taking rest in Hotel in the Bhutan we started for site seeing with the photo tour in all the places of Bhutan like Flowers, Animals, Birds, Mountains lakes so on.

Bhutan Trekking

In this also many variants are there base don the visitor’s choice like Laya Gasa trek, Chomolhari trek, and Druk path trek so on.

I went for Chomolhari trek where it was a 12 days trip. This trek perfectly depicts the landscape diversity that Bhutan has to offer. People will through thick pine forests, scattered hamlets and alpine meadows that lead to the high pastureland where yak herders graze their animals.

Before and after the trek, visitors will have the chance to get awareness on the cultural and religious capitals of Bhutan – Paro and the actual capital of Bhutan – Thimphu and experience their cultural rewards. After trekking they announced the awards and I stood at 1st got a cash prize and shield of this tour. Finally, it was an awesome experience & memorable till my last breath.

Bhutan trekking has been greatest trekking experience for me so far.

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