Best Places in Nepal for Bird Watching and bird lovers

With over 800 species of birds, which is almost 8 % of the world’s total bird population, Nepal is truly a paradise for bird watchers.  While different species of birds are spread out in different regions in the country, there are some areas where you are more likely to see them than others. Here are 4 locations where you can get your binoculars ready and enjoy the rewarding experience.

  1. Chitwan


Chitwan National Park is located in the lowlands of Nepal and it is the best known site for bird watching. Chitwan’s forests consist of sal trees and riverines, but there also are wide grasslands surrounded by three rivers that form the park’s natural boundaries. There are over 500 species of birds in Chitwan, among which the Blue Indian Roller, cormorants, Asian Paradise Flycatcher and Bengal Florican. You can observe the birds by walking  (accompanied by a ranger),  while on a jeep or elephant safari.

  1. Pulchowki


Pulchowki is a 2760 meter hill located around 18 kilometers southeast of Kathmandu. It is covered with forests which makes it an ideal bird watching site. Over 90 species of birds were recorded in the area including the endemic spring babbler, Mount Hawk, black throated Parrot and many others. A very rare bird – Redheaded Trogan was sighted there in 2002 as well, which has made Pulchowki in the bucket list of many avid bird watchers.

  1. Shivapuri & Nagarjun


The Kathmandu Valley is a wonderful location for bird watching, with over 100 species of birds living in the area. The two locations that receive a lot of attention by birdwatchers are Shivapuri and Nagarjun. Shivapuri lies in 12 kilometers north of the city and Nagarjun in the North West. Among the birds that have been spotted there are Laughing Thrush, Pied Fly Catchers, Babblers, Magpies, Pheasants, Ruby Throats and Crested Serpent Eagles, among many others.

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