How To Avoid Food Poisoning In Nepal: Travel Tips

Traveling to a new county and eating the foods that you have never eaten or tasted before might give you tasting delicacies. Therefore you want to make a sensible mindset and be careful of what you’re eating. Some of them, includes avoiding water of which you are not sure off. It would be a lot better for you to utilize treated or boiled water during your stay in Nepal.You need to stay wary about the water you are drinking during your touring to the Himalayas or Safari to the plains of Nepal.

In case you don’t know about where to eat, or what to eat, in no way, shape or form you should avoid from eating those local dishes. Flies would be buzzing around and it looks totally diseased. Your proper health condition is important for achieving your traveling goals you had planned for Nepal.
If you have a stomach bug, you need to take a stool specimen to a lab. Some of these critters can cause problems for years and even invade other parts of your body. Most of the hospitals have labs. There are community hospitals all over Kathmandu. Chhetrapati Community Hospital and Bir Hospital are at the edges of Thamel. Take that to any pharmaceuticals and buy the appropriate medicines. It’s better to go to pharmacies that are attached to a hospital to avoid low quality medicines.
How to avoid this problem:
1. Avoid eating raw vegetables: There is a very bad bug that grows on the leafy green vegetables, mainly during the monsoon season. The other problem with eating the salad is that it is placed with bare hands

2. Avoid any buffets. The Newari community typically does buffets, but they are seldom covered properly, nor are they reheated properly. Never eat from a street cart! Kachila is one food item that should be avoided. It is actually raw buff meat, as the name in Newari suggests, raw meat, then it is rolled with bare hands. Sekuwa restaurants feature bar-b-que cooking and usually have delicious foods on the menu. Just make sure the meat is cooked and served hot. Tandoori restaurants also serve excellent dishes.

3. Water Worries:Don’t drink the stuff out of the tap at all. Utilize treated or boiled water to brush your teeth, and do whatever it takes not to get a lot in your mouth when scrubbing down. It might sound over intemperate yet the best safeguard is over doing it.

4. Hand Sanitisers: Hand Sanitizers can be a very beneficiary factor to your traveling days. Marvelous development! Hand sanitiser that does not require water, is an awesome approach to ensure preventing from germs you have grabbed. Be known that in Nepal most canines will convey some type of parasite. Many traveler who likes traveling can be hypnotized by the innocence of street puppies which later on makes them want to touch them. So, for those cases having a hand sanitizer is beneficiary.

5. Ice and Cold Food: Take note of the Temperature of the food when it is served to you. If you order a meat dish and it is cold from the core you will have a high chances of a serious problem. A lot of the food is prepared ahead of time and actually left uncovered for hours if it gets heated sufficiently then you are safe, but that doesn’t always happen. It’s better to simply stay away from ice all together during your stay in Nepal, even in your cold drinks.
Likewise, drink a great deal of treated water and boiling hot water, keep hydrated and wash it out in the meantime.
Bon Appetite! Eat healthy

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