Autumn Trips: Best Treks In Nepal

Autumn Trips In Nepal: Best Treks In Nepal

All four seasons have their distinct presentation on the land, its vegetation and the topography. So each season provide quite different trekking experiences. Autumn is the perfect time to visit Nepal and this is the peak season of tourists in Nepal as the Mountains are clear. Unquestionably travelers look for clear mountain visibility while trekking. Weather is pleasant, different species of flora and fauna are visible. This season is considered the best time for an encounter with the Himalayas. Plus terrific natural setting in Nepal will be a dream come true experience.

This trip would be even better if the weather favors you rewarding clear visibility then you may consider trekking in Nepal autumn season. Nepal is known for its stunning mountains and ivory peaks. Trekking in Nepal has become a famous adventure activity to do for travelers. All types of treks are possible may it be in higher altitudes or moderate treks in Lower altitudes in this season.

Though trekking in Nepal can be done throughout the year, trekking at certain seasons provide more delight and clarity than others. Autumn is considered as the best trekking season in Nepal. The months of September, October and November are the most suggested and preferred months in accounts of favorable weather conditions. The trekking trails are neither too wet nor too slippery. Trails are adorned with rhododendron blossoms and the landscapes of an assortment of destinations are entirely brimming with natural entice. The trekking trails are mesmerizingly decorated with natural canopies of tinted foliage.

Popular and Best treks in Nepal this season include

Everest Base Camp Trek

Annapurna Circuit Trek

Langtang Valley Trek

Upper Mustang

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Nepal’s climate varies with its topography and altitude. It ranges from the tropical to the arctic. It has basically moderate climate, with four main seasons. Autumn is amazingly pleasurable and so is the setting. Autumn in Nepal begins from mid September to November. The weather during this time is dry and clear and neither too scorching in the Terai plains in Nepal and nor excessively freezing in the high elevation. In fact, during these months, the days are warmer and nights are pretty cool. But the bright sun makes the day pleasant. Although the nights are chilly in the peaks yet the weather during day time is temperate and pleasant. ¬†Autumn additionally, is the time of jollity since Nepal celebrates the major Hindu festivals Dashain and Tihar. You may also get to observe Chhath parva dedicated to Sun god for prolonging lives on earth.

However, choosing which season to trek in Nepal plays a role in determining your trekking experience. A pleasing weather with warm forecasts in the mountains and great visibility usually makes trekking quite enjoyable. If the weather co-operates, a vast majority of aspects of trekking like flights, mountain sights, views and trekking trails turn to your favor. But should the elements flip on weather conditions- then the same trekking experience verges on an unpleasantness with rain showers, wet and muddy trails, less to no visibility, flight delays and cancellations and just a general mess of things.

That is why, choosing the best trekking season is important in order to enjoy the trekking experience to its full extent. With a wide variation of many destinations and regions ripe for trekking at all times throughout the year, the best trekking season amounts to be the Autumn and Spring. So why delay? Plan your vacation for Nepal in autumn since it is the best time to travel and take delights from natural and cultural marvels of Nepal in a pleasant weather.

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