Ason Bazaar, Nepal: How to reach? Travel Tips

One of the most popular street market in Kathmandu is Ason Bazaar. Located at just south of Thathiti Chowk, Ason is one of the most antique yet equally active market in the valley. It is a typical example of Asian market in Nepal. This traditional market consists of a lot of temples and shrines. The narrow streets are full of shops, people walking all around and vehicles passing by. This busy street has everything to sell from vegetable spices to electronics goods, clothes, antique shops and much more. The market gets into the work from early dawn to late dusk. The famous temples to visit here are The 3 storey Annapurna Temple, Ganesh Temple, Narayan Temple and Celestial Fish.

The major activity to do here is to snap photos  that will showcase the traditional Newari people in shops, observe and enjoy the techniques of buying selling and experience the busy local market. Ason is also a gateway to Thamel and Kathmandu Durbar Square. Walking through Ason and capturing the typical shops and sellers through your camera lens is a fun thing to do. But if you don’t like crowd and want to get away from hustling environment then just get a taxi to Thamel or to Kathmandu Durbar Square. But if you want to experience this traditional market, explore the typicality of this street and smell the special Nepalese spices around the street then you must add Ason visit in your scheldule. The Ason Market/Bazaar is a part of Nepal Tour Packages in Kathmandu valley.

How to get to Ason?

To help you getting to Ason from Trivuban International Airport, we have the following guidelines to go through:

  1. By Taxi: Taxi is always the easiest option if you want to get anywhere in kathmandu valley. Jus make sure that befor you step into the taxi you clearly mention the name of destination you want to go to the driver and it will be good to negotiate the cost as well. He will take you to the Ason Bazzar directly and from this street you can walk to Thamel exploring the market.

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  1. By Bus: Bus is the way of experiencing local lifestyle of Nepal. When you walk out of the airport just look for the buses going to Ratnapark. It won’t be much hard to find these buses because the bus conductors will be shouting their destination “Ratnapark, Ratnapark”. So, get on to the bus and once you reach Ratnapark, walk straight backwards from the bus park, cross the road and you will see hoarding boards with Bhotahiti written on them. Now within just 5-10 minutes walk, you’ll reach Thahiti Chowk. From Thahiti Chowk take the south east street which will head into the first of many markets in the area. There are six roads leading to Ason. Asking locals where Ason Chowk is will steer you in the right direction with ease.

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