Adventure in Nepal: Paragliding, Kayaking and more..

If you are seeking for adventures, come and visit Nepal. Adventure in Nepal is a great way to utilize your vacation and grab new experiences. This small South Asian country has everything to offer for adventure and is always ready to challenge you with heart racing and thrilling dares that you wouldn’t forget in your lifetime. Venture has always been interesting when you are closer to nature and the cherry on the cake would be a Himalayan country. The rugged trails, snow capped mountains, rushing whitewater rivers, diverse terrain, exotic wildlife and the manifold cultures are what make worth it to choose Nepal for your next adventure vacation.

This mystical nation has always been on the top list for best climbing and trekking destinations in the world. As the popularity of Nepal for trekking and climbing has remained unaltered, Nepal is also getting recognized worldwide for other adventure activities as well.  If you want to figure out the most frantic, overwhelming and exquisite forms of ventures then don’t forget to visit Nepal. This beautiful country is all set to give you the chills that goes through your veins and that are going to test your physical, mental as well as spiritual capabilities giving you a sense of accomplishment, satisfaction, the lifetime memories and of course, the fascinating tales from Nepal to tell your friends and maybe one day, your grandchildren.

Here goes the top  list of the most exciting Adventure in Nepal:

  1. Mountain Trekking:

Nepal always comes on one of the top destinations for mountain trekking in the world. Every year, a large number of adventure enthusiasts enter Nepal to experience the mountainous trails and lifestyle of Nepalese people. Mountains are like one of the identity of Nepalese. Nepal consist of high elevated Base camps such as, Everest Base Camp Trek, Annapurna Base Camp Trek, and Annapurna Circuit Trek are among the popular trails in Nepal. You will also get an opportunity to explore the off-the-beaten trails that take you to the unexplored and untouched terrain of Nepali Himalayas. Along with mountain trekking, the traverse through the Himalayas in Nepal will let you experience the pristine cultural practices preserved in the Himalayan Valleys.

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  1. Mountain Expedition:

The mountain expeditions fall under the category of arduous mountain climbing. Many people dream of creating a history in the world of climbing and so they choose Nepal. Since, Nepal consists of the world’s top eight tallest mountains, it has always been an ideal destination for climbers from throughout the world. Apart from the world’s most giant and the highest elevated mountain: Mt. Everest, Nepal has other interesting and equally strenuous expedition options such as, for Annapurna Expedition, Cho Oyu Expedition, Dhaulagiri Expedition, Kanchenjunga Expedition, Makalu Expedition, Manaslu Expedition, The Lhotse Expedition and many more.

  1. Peak Climbing:

Apart from Mountain Expedition, peak climbing is another form of adventure in Nepal. If you want to go just beyond trekking but not as strenuous as expeditions then peak climbing might fall under your category of mountain thrill. Ama Dablam, Lobuche Peak, Island Peak, Mera Peak, and Pisang Peak are among such list where mountain adventure enthusiasts mostly opt to climb in Nepal. Conquering these peaks will reward you with the spectacular views of the majestic Himalayas and the cultural practices along your traverese will just make you feel worth of exhaustion that you get at the end of the day.

  1. White Water Rafting:

Nepal has some of the world’s best sites for White Water Rafting and kayaking. As you tumble from the snow capped peaks along the flow of water, the adrenaline rush you get will be just so much full of thrills. Hence, a river journey is  an extremely exciting venture especially when accompanied by the gorgeous sceneries of snow peaked himalayas and green lush of emerald forests. Some of the best sites for rafting and Kayaking are: Sun Koshi River, Bhote Koshi River, Marsyangdi River, Trishuli River, Kali Gandaki River, etc. We have different packages for Rafting and Kayaking in Nepal.

  1. Bungee Jumping:

The ultimate adrenaline rush and thrill is bungee jumping that can now  be experienced in Nepal at probably one of the best sites in the world. Jumping off of a height of 160 meters over the fast flowing river of Bhote Koshi in tropical gorge takes a great courage for anyone to complete the dare. Designed by one of a New Zealand’s bungee consultants and operated by some of the experienced and skillfull jump masters make it a secure yet exhilarating form of adventure in Nepal.

  1. Mountain Biking:

The mountainuous rugged trails make Nepal one of the alluring destination for mountain biking in the world. The tough uphills, downhills, fast, flowy single track along with the spectacular sceneries of Rivers, Lakes, high hills, snow peaked Himalayas and the dusty trails will surely leave you breath-less on your ride. And getting to know the hospitable Nepalese from various parts of the nation is yet another interesting part of your ride that shall be the greatest memory from your journey.

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  1. Paragliding/ Parahawking:

Paragliding is another thrill in the sky. Gliding in the spacious sky accompanied by the series of gigantic himalayas, lakes, forests, monasteries, villages and watching all of these from up above as a bird does is an extraordinary form of adventure. The splendour of all the sceneries and flying along with the himalayan griffins, eagles, kites and vultures, this excitement is difficult to be explained. Moreover, if you do parahawking along with paragliding, that will be just an ultimate fun in the sky. In this journey, when you stretch out your gloved hands with bits of meat placed and the bird lands on your hand gently to eat its food and then flys away leading us in the sky is an amzing experience. This makes Parahawking a perfect blend of adventure and eco tourism and has gained popularity among the enthusiasts in Nepal.

  1. Zip Flyer:

Are you ready to get the goose bumps through the world’s most extreme Zip Flyer? In Pokhara, the longest and fastest zip line in the world was built, which is 1850 m (6070 ft) long and it begins at the top of the Sarangkot hill and it ends near Yamdi river. The zip line can reach a maximum speed of 140 km/h (100 mph) and has a vertical drop of almost 2000 feet. Riders can see views of 23000-foot Machapuchare mountain, Annapurna range, Seti river and Paragliding. This zipline is the longest, steepest, fastest and and tallest in the world.

  1. Everest Sky Diving:

Sky Diving is an extreme adventure in the world and when it comes to Everest Sky diving, it is an icing on the cake. Falling freely from a plane at 29,500 feet which is even higher than the Everest Summit and floating back to Everest Base camp is going to give you an utmost adrenaline rush. The eye feasting view of beautiful lakes, settlements and the world’s most gigantic and tallest mountain Mt. Everest on the background is actually an adventure for a lifetime.

  1. Rock Climbing:

The mountainuous terrain and landscape has made Nepal a major attraction for rock climbers. The natural rock faces and the giant cliffs have been attracting adventure lovers from all around the globe. No matter if you are a beginning climber or an intermediate one or a professional one, the cliffs of Nepal has it all for you. There are some spots for a cliff hanger experience that’s going to give you goose bumps and challenge your physical as well as mental endurance.

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