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Pokhara is the third largest city in Nepal and it lies around 200 km west from Kathmandu. It is famously known as the city of lakes because of the fact that there are three lakes in its proximity – the Phewa, Begnas and Rupa lakes. Out of them three, the Phewa lake has gained its biggest commercial popularity due to its closeness to the tourist hub in Pokhara, as well as the boating and kayaking available. The Rupa and Begnas lakes, although much cleaner, have remained in the shade of the Phewa lake because they are a bit further away than the commercial zone in Pokhara.


Pokhara is truly a gem of Nepal. It has a warm climate with a fresh mountain breeze and spectacular views of the Himalayas. Among the things not to miss while in Pokhara is definitely boating in one of the lakes and looking at the reflections of the Himalayan giants in the crystal clear water. In the list of the must-dos is also the early morning visit of the near-by hill Sarangkot. Sarangot offers a wide view of the Himalayan range if you reach there before sunrise you will have the chance to witness the spectacular sunrise which bathes the white mountain tops in gold and red. In the evenings, the lakeside offers a wide variety of leisure activities, good food and great fun: you can choose whether you will go for a walk on the lakeside, go out for dinner in one of the many restaurants offering different cuisines or have a few drinks along with great music in many of the clubs, pubs and lounges along the hub. The Davies waterfall and the Peace pagoda are also one of the beauties that surround Pokhara and are is easily reachable by taxi or by bus and a short walk.


If you are a lover of adventure, Pokhara offers a wide range of extreme sports such as paragliding, bungee-jumping or Pokhara’s newest attraction – an ultralight flight! Pokhara is also a starting point for trekking, hiking and climbing in the Annapurna area, so depending on the time you have you can take a one, a few days or a week long tour around the Annapurna range, which will give you a wonderful insight on the life of the people living in the villages around the mountains as well as provide you with unforgettable memories that you will cherish your whole life!

Paragliding in Nepal

Pokhara is easily reachable both via road and air. If you choose the road, there are tourist buses going from Kathmandu to Pokhara on daily basis and the journey lasts for 5-6 hours. A flight is a shorter and more comfortable choice, with less than an hour until you reach your destination.


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Begnas Lake

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