12 Best Treks in Nepal, Popular Trekking Destination in Nepal

Are you thinking of Trekking in Nepal on your upcoming holiday and still in a dilemma on which trek to choose? Well, if you are looking for the best treks in Nepall then it is so obvious that you are at the horn of dilemma. It is because Nepal is considered to be one of best and a very popular destination for trekking and other adventures. It consists of many beautiful trekking routes ranging from high level of difficulty to an easier yet, interesting hiking. So, the choice is upto you, which one of the best and top most trekking destination you want to choose.

So, let us help you with our top 12 trekking destinations lists that are based on the number of tourists who have chosen them as their adventure in Nepal. But before scrolling down to our list, you will have to decide few things which are indeed, important for your trip. You will have to decide your capabilities and know the level of difficult treks that you can go on, decide your time to stay in Nepal, decide your trip mates (some of the treks are restricted in Nepal and need at least two people and even tour guides or agencies to go on the trek), decide whether or not you want to go for a tour guide or agency, the season that you are choosing for Nepal trip and a few more that you will encounter while going through our list below.


Witnessing the Everest base camp and confronting Mount Everest along with the views of magnificent peaks such as Lhotse, Nuptse are the best the attractions while trailing through the stunning mountain landscapes. That’s why this trek tops our list. It is not the difficult trek rather an exciting and awe-inspiring trekking experience which will take the trekkers to the maximum height of 5600m (Kalapathar) giving an opportunity to be acqauintained with Sherpa people and their astounding climbing experience. Moreover, the loose rocks and cold might make this trek a little difficult for you but if you are physically fit and healthy then nothing can stop you from achieving this world famous trekking experience. This trek might cost you within the range of 1200$-1700$ but in some cases it can get extremely expensive in accordance to the facilities. Finally, this trek takes 12-15 days to be accomplished.

Annapurna Base Camp, also known as Annapurna Sanctury is a as historic place as Everest Base Camp. If you want to experience trekking in Nepal then Annapurna Base Camp is the real one for you. Annapurna Base Camp Trek is often combined with Annapurna Circuit Trek, a visit to Ghandruk and to Ghorepani. The best seasons for this trek are March-May and October-November. It is also accesible in the winter season but you will have to face heavy snow fall and risks of avalances. This whole trek is going to cost from 800$ to 1000$. It is a moderate trekking and hence, can be accomplished within 7-12 days.


Poonhill at an altitude of 3210m offers the spectacular views of mountain ranges such as Dhaulagiri and Annapurna. Poon hill can be conquered within a short period of time yet enriched with one of the most beautiful scenery in the world. So for those trekkers having short duration of time, Poonhill is one of the suitable destinations. Trekking in Poonhill offers never ending views of Himalayas and gives you the feeling of cultural trek while travelling through ghandruk which is a culturally rich village. This trek might cost you from 500$ to 600$ and might take time upto 8-10 days. It is an easy and short yet sweet trek.


Langtang  is Located towards the north of Nepal in the world map.  Trekking offers familiarity with inner culture of monasteries and local villages. Trekking in this region is highly influenced by Tibetan cultures leading you to a maximum height of 4984m at tserko Peak. If you are seeking for authentic trekking experience, Langtang trek is one of the best destinations. The easily accesible trek from Kathmandu is famous for its diverse vegetation and villages and offers a great viewpoint of Langtang Ri and views of Annapurna and Makalu. It might take 7-10 days and cost 500$-800$. It is also a moderate trekking up the diverse terrain.


Enriched by diverse topography due to varying altitude of 600m to 5135m, Manasalu is one of the most impressive trekking destinations to trek which offers a day full of adventures. The day of crossing the Larke pass will be the most challenging thing to do during the trek. This trek is expected to overtake the attractiveness of the well-known Annapurna Circuit trek and is highly suggested for those who love to trek. March-May and Octobr-November are the best seasons for trekking. Trekking doesn’t cost you much and it can be completed within a fortnight but is a challenging trek.


Trekking in gokyo is an alternative if you want to witness the remote nature. The five Emerald Lakes along with the majestic peaks is the major attraction of this trek. A peak and a vantage point: Gokyo Ri provides the best panoramic views of the Himalayas. It is a moderate trekking destination with the easy availability of Guesthouse and lodges, affordable and can be completed within 12 days. An extra night can be spent on the cozy and beautiful village of gokyo.


Trekking in the upper Mustang is a journey that is full of Cultural inputs and Tibetan traditions providing views of treeless and barren landscape. Lo manthang: the capital of Mustang is also the major highlight here. The ruthless afternoon winds are the only challenge trekking here. Trekking here takes you to the maximum altitude of 3810m(Dhakmar). The trekking can be completed within 14 days and two trekkers are compulsory with a Nepali guide and restricted Permit for Upper Mustang costs USD 500 for up to 10days and USD 50 for day hereafter.



  • Upper Dolpo

Upper Dolpo is another starkly beautiful trekking destination which provides cultural impression of Tibetan lifestyle villages. Trekking in this destination provides a heartwarming view of Kanjirowa Himal Mountain. It is expensive but a fantastic destination to trek. The secluded Shey Phoksundo lake and Shey Gomba Monastries are the major attractions during the trek. As Dolpa is a very remote area you will spend for days travelling to and from the beginning point. It is basically a camping trekking. The trekking can be completed in 22 days and two trekkers are compulsory with a Nepali guide and restricted Permit for Upper Dolpo costs USD 500 for up to 10days and USD 10 for day hereafter. It is not accessible during winter as the area is too remote and too cold


Trekking in Kanchenjunga will provide the camping and adventure experience for a lifetime. A difficult long trek recommended only for fit people provides the marvelous view of Mt. Makalu and Mt. Kanchenjunga. It is the most remote area to trek in Nepal. The day when the trekkers cross the Lapsang La Pass will be the day to remember during the trek as the trekkers will reach at the height of 5160m. Due to remoteness, travelling to and from Kanchenjunga takes upto4 days. The trekking can be completed in 21 days and two trekkers are compulsory with a Nepali guide and restricted Permit for Kanchenjunga costs USD 10 per person per week. It is not accessible during winter as the area is too remote and too cold


Another trekking destination recommended only for fit person is the Makalu base camp. For Trekking in this region one needs to be equipped as one cannot expect to meet the other trekkers. Trekking in this region is challenging: providing the trekkers with unspoiled landscapes and trails during the trek. It is an authentic trekking destination.  The guest house and lodges are unavailable so camping should be done.The trekking can be completed within 17days and two trekkers are compulsory with a Nepali guide and restricted Permit for Makalu Base camp costs USD 10 per person for the first four weeks and USD 20 for day hereafter.


  • Dhaulagiri trek

Another challenging destination following Kanchenjunga and Makalu is the Dhaulagiri. Lying to the west of Annapurna Circuit, Dhaulagiri provides with the diversity of landscapes and undisturbed view of the Annapurna range. Trekking in this destination is basically an exploration to the wild and a thrilling adventure as the trekkers come across the Gandaki gorge which is the deepest gorge in the world!! The trekking can be completed within 3 weeks and is a moderate trekking destination within affordable cost


Rara Lake is situated in the western part of Nepal and trekking here is an easy adventure. The trek can be begun from Jumla which will take through the rural village before getting to the lakeshore of Rara at an altitude of 2990m. The Rara Lake which mirrors the snowcapped mountains is the major attraction here. . The trek is affordable and takes around 14 days. The trekking in this region offers quick look of culture and scenery.

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