Trekking In Nepal

5 Things You Should Know Before You Trek in Nepal

August 12, 2016

Trekking in Nepal has always been a topic of interest for trekkers all around the world!  Even though trekking is exciting, there are things you need to know and consider before you embark on this wonderful adventure. Trekking Gear Depending on the area and the terrain you will be trekking in, you need to have […]

Rara Lake Trek | Trekking in Nepal | Book Now!!

April 14, 2017

Rara Lake is one of the most attractive, calm and mesmerizing destinations in Nepal. Rara Lake lies to the northwest of Kathmandu in the remote area of Karnali.  Trekking in this reason is an ideal choice if you want to eyewitness the miraculous magnificence of the natural world. The trekking in this route offers extraordinary […]

Top 4 adventure sports in Nepal to try on Himalayan trekking holidays

April 5, 2018

As far as adventure holidays go, there are few better than Himalayan trekking holidays. That feeling you get as you walk through the clear mountain air and scale high passes is simply unbeatable. Well almost – you should also try the top 3 adventure sports in Nepal.   Top 4 adventure sports in Nepal  As […]

Trekking trail to Gokyo Lakes / Gokyo Lakes Trek

November 18, 2017

Gokyo lakes trek is one of the most desired hiking trail where you will enjoy the awe inspiring view of marvelously colored lakes surrounded by breathtaking majestic Himalayas. The trek in Gokyo provides an excellent opportunity to see an eyeful view of the Mt. Everest at close range. The sparkling, pristine blue and green waters […]

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